Info - About the artists

FuturMaestri is a fine arts web portal established specially for youngsters, who registered upon an invitation can present their artwork here. Registration as an artist is possible up to 28 years. It is possible for anyone to register as a visitor, and it is even recommended to do so because comments and ratings can be submitted as well as the artists themselves may be contacted or their artworks can be purchased only this way.

Invited artists... Why only on invitation?

You are not the only one who asks why it is not possible for anyone to register as an artist with FuturMaestri.

FuturMaestri is open for all lovers of the arts, either if they only come to look around and pass their time with fine artworks, or if they wish to get informed about young art or different events in a more thorough way. As registered members they can express their opinion, can rate the artworks and even get in contact with the artists. However, the community of artists at FuturMaestri awaits specially those youngsters whose talent and technical skills exceed the average standard to some extent. It is intended for people who are fairly engaged in creating or even planning to continue their career in the field of arts.

What we chiefly wish for is to have a community of members who are delighted to share their artworks with the others, watch each other's work with a close attention, tell their opinion about the submitted works and take actively part in the competitions and other events organized for them.

We aim to let the most interesting and first-rate creations into the galleries of the website, as much as it is possible to supervise this. So we rather keep registration personal – that is why we decided to apply a system of invitations. This way the high quality can surely be maintained and the website remains a place where both artists and visitors can acquire fascinating experiences.

Recommendation - Invitation

You may be invited to FuturMaestri as an artist if you are recommended by an acknowledged artist or by your art teacher or in the case when you send us a small selection of your artworks in an e-mail and you receive a positive answer.