General Terms of Use is a web portal intended for talented and creative youngsters and their audience, functioning on the basis of invitations. Its services are free of charge both for members and visitors.

Latest update of the General Terms of Use: 29 July 2011

1. Legal agreement with FuturMaestri

The document below is an agreement between you (the User or Member) and FuturMaestri (we or the Supplier), whose elements are referred to as „Terms” in what follows. Registering at the website implies the acceptance of these tems. When using the services of the website you are bound by the terms of the agreement between you and FuturMaestri.

FuturMaestri may alter the form and characteristics of its service from time to time, whereupon the Terms of this agreement may also be amended. You will receive information about these changes either in an email to the email address you have registered with FuturMaestri or by displaying information about the changes while logging in to your account. The continuing use of the FuturMaestri website will be taken as the acceptance of the new Terms. If you do not accept the new Terms, you are not entitled to use the website as a registered member. You consent to receive an email about the alterations also in the case when you did not opt for sending newsletters to your email address.

2. Accepting the General Terms of Use

You accept the Terms when clicking on „Registration” as well as when you continue to use the website following an amendment.

You cannot use the website or accept the Terms if the applicable law in your residence country prohibit this. It is your duty to be informed about the applicable law.

Before beginning to use the services of FuturMaestri save a copy of these Terms for reasons of security.

You accept that solely the English version of these Terms can be regarded as authentic in the legal status between the User and FuturMaestri. If a contradiction occurs between the English text and a version in any other language, the English version shall be regarded as authentic.

3. Registration of children under 13 years

Children under 13 years can register with FuturMaestri only with the preliminary consent, personal presence and active cooperation of the parent or caretaker. The child and the parent should accept the Terms together in the course of the consent to registration. FuturMaestri reserves the right to keep the registration of a child under 13 years suspended until the approving statement of the parent or caretaker arrives through email or another way accepted by FuturMaestri.

4. Authenticity of data

You assert that all compulsory information given at the registration are accurate, verified and current. Furthermore, you accept that in the case of change of any of these data you modify the data in your own data sheet accordingly.

You are the sole person responsible in the case of breaking the obligations included in the Terms and you assume responsibility for all possible consequences, especially regarding the damages and losses of FuturMaestri. FuturMaestri is not responsible neither for you or anyone else for any damage occurring in the case when you break your obligations.

5. Privacy policy

FuturMaestri respects and protects the personal rights of all of its members and never discloses their personal data for commercial or other use, except when the Member expressly asks for it in a written form. You accept that your username, year of birth and nationality will appear on the website. Any further personal data is displayed only when you permit it on your data sheet.

6. Membership

You become a registered member when you create a password protected personal account on the website; or when FuturMaestri creates one such account for you which you begin to use. FuturMaestri reserves the right not to accept certain usernames.

In the case you do not accept the Terms, FuturMaestri may suspend or terminate your membership.

7. Passwords and the security of access

FuturMaestri is not familiar with the passwords created by its members. In those cases when the account of a User is created by FuturMaestri, the User accepts to change the password, for security reasons, when logging in for the first time. Solely you are responsible for keeping the password in secret and thus also for controlling all the actions happening through your access. If you do not modify the received password and it becomes public or gets lost, you are responsible for the possible consequences, abuses or damages. When you get to know that your password is being used by someone who is not empowered to do so, you are obliged to inform FuturMaestri as soon as possible about this.

8. Terminating user accounts

You may discontinue to use the services and may also terminate your account at any time, without being obliged to inform FuturMaestri about it.

FuturMaestri reserves the right to block or to terminate the account of certain users in particularly justified cases. Such cases may be if the conduct of the Member is incessantly violating the rights of FuturMaestri or its members, even despite warning.

9. Content created by the users - Originality

You ensure that exclusively works made by yourself may be submitted into your account. If about any work of art it turns out that its creator is not identical with you, FuturMaestri deletes the work in question and may block or terminate your account.

You are obliged to respect others’ rights – such as copyright, property right, publicating right, trade mark or patent – when submitting works, e.g. in the case of uploading artworks already sold.

An artwork should not be submitted more than once, except when it had been modified by the author.

The members may apply watermarks created with any graphic program on their images uploaded to FuturMaestri.

None of the data on the website may be used for commercial use in any form.

FuturMaestri does not demand and is not allowed to acquire any rights from the Users on the contents submitted to the website, including intellectual property right.

You hold the right to modify the categorization of your works according to your own consideration.

You accept that your works submitted to the website or their details may be selected to illustrate internal promotions, as well as that your artworks may be displayed on other websites as links, in an embedded form.

10. Restrictions

You accept that you are responsible for all the contents submitted by you to the website, as well as for the occasional harmful consequences issuing from these contents, including also the damages affecting FuturMaestri.

FuturMaestri reserves the right to delete certain contents submitted by the members in justified cases, without any warning, if these contents violate the rights of other members or of FuturMaestri.

Such cases can be if the content infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person or company, or that defames or vilifies any person, people, races, religion or religious group, is obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable; or if it considerably digresses from the main topic of the site, e.g. in the cases of political, financial or warez themes.

11. Links

Users may submit links on the website for which they are completely and exclusively responsible. FuturMaestri may delete links in cases when it turns out that they point to websites whose contents are pornographic, racist, discrediting or threatening, vilifying any people, races, religion or religious group, or disseminating contents protected by copyright.

12. Possible psychological effects

You use FuturMaestri at your own responsibility in all respects. Should any psychical shock or trauma affect you in connection with the contents or operation of the website, FuturMaestri does not take responsibility for that. You accept that in such cases you will not require compensation.

13. Availability, accessibility

The User acknowledges and accepts that FuturMaestri may terminate or suspend its services or any part of it at its own consideration, without any notification in advance.

FuturMaestri aims to keep its operation untroubled. Despite this it is possible that in certain periods its accessibility slows down or is interrupted, e.g. because of a temporary failure of the server or stoppages in the internet service. You accept that if FuturMaestri is not accessible of any reason, neither you nor any other User may access the services or the data stored on the server. For such cases FuturMaestri does not take responsibility. It is recommended to make a security copy of all contents you submit to the website.

The appearance of the website may vary according to your hardware and software devices, such like various video cards, different versions of web browsers, or the lack of certain softwares. Thus certain contents may not or only partly appear or may be displayed in slightly different ways. The responsibility of FuturMaestri does not extend to possible unpleasant consequences issuing from these circumstances.

You accept that the display of submitted data may also change in form or content from time to time because of adding or taking away certain functions of the site in the course of continuous improvement.

14. Communicating with the Users

We can keep contact with you through the e-mail address given at the registration. The administrators of FuturMaestri strive to answer all enquiries and questions but it can happen that certain messages remain unanswered. For possible damages ensuing from such cases FuturMaestri cannot take responsibility. We are not responsible for the failure of communication if we cannot reach you through your e-mail address.

15. Other

FuturMaestri makes its services available in their actual form, and cannot grant that these services meet your requirements. You accept that FuturMaestri is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages which can affect you in cases of loss or corruption of data, failure or limitation of service.

At the time of registration you assert that you became familiar with the Terms and regard them as compulsory. You also consent to store your data in the database of FuturMaestri as long as you remain a Member.