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Raven Shinøda

30 / Girl

Joined 2012

”Jeg lukker et øye og ser halvt, jeg lukker begger og ser alt . Ohm.”


As a little girl of 1 year old, Raven Shinøda started to show her first drawing lines on the walls of her small house, as she started to grow up, was born on her a fascination with Role Playing Games, European artistic fashion design, Horror and Sci-fi movies, and Realistic portraits, she dreamed of someday make their own fantastic characters, shortly after, she realized that by listening her favorite music, ideas arose automatically in her head later in her teenage years, at her life emerged certain crude events that she choose the decision to study visual arts at the University of her city, and she still dreaming that in a future she will be able to become one of the artistic exponents of Mexico.


  • custos

    custos 2012-05-23 09:20:15

    Welcome on FuturMaestri! I\'m glad that the possibility of attaching music tracks fits to your creating process so well.

  • Enrique Cedillo

    Enrique Cedillo 2012-07-18 00:25:10

    ¡Buen trabajo!