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24 / Girl


  • 2012-05-21
  • 14
  • 92
  • 2012
  • Painting
  • Ink
  • Fantasy


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forest, black, white, and, the, rabbit, different, two, sea, human, mushroom, wish, tasteoftheblackrose, gwaelind, albino, fearie, gigantic, worlds


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JPG, 1671 × 2503

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She just wanted to live.

- She just wanted to live. -

Description by Undertaker

Collaboration with my amazing, colorful, interesting friend, whose side of the collab I sadly can\'t post, because I haven\'t got her permission :( ____________________________________________ ~The night was harsh, The forest so grey. The wind too raw. White like snow, The tree of trees. The girl, dead. The path so long it was. The strange company, sighing lays on the ground, His heart no longer in his body lasts. The girl, the dead, As white as dust Her skin shimmering metallic-mat. She wanted help. Help for the little heart. The sea longed for her attention. She just wanted to live. What would she give, The wish did slip. It deposited itself.