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31 / Fiú

Csatlakozott 2011


Art is my passion it always has been and it always will. From a very young age I was always creative. Most of my childhood was spent creating impossible monsters and imaginary worlds. I never really grew out of it. I succeeded well in art at school and always got good praise from my teacher for my imaginative drawings and paintings. Since then I have been producing many, often large works. I prefer working on larger canvases as it gives me more room to work and has more of an impact. Most of my work comes directly from my mind. I take my inspiration from many things, such as a dream, an idea or something that I see. When I get an idea for a new work I mainly start with a sketch on paper. Sometimes it never leaves the paper but I usually do a couple of sketches before I transfer it to canvas. I would describe my work as surrealist and abstract in nature. My work is often bright, colourful and vibrant but occasionally dark and sinister. My work blurs the lines between dream and reality. I like to take everyday objects then change or distort them in some way or form in my paintings, challenging reason and convention. I like to create images you might not expect. Some of my work has deeper meaning while others are more freeform dreamscapes of imagination. I like to experiment with my work and try to push the boundaries of my abilities. I’m always trying new ideas and methods and developing a unique style and imaginative subject matter.