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Rizal Pramana

40 / Boy

Joined 2012

” making art work”


I'm a printmaker lives in Indonesia. I chose printmaking arts as a learning process. Cause In printmaking I feel a higher power at work other than yourself, each has an element of surprise in it’s process. You just have to accept all those wrong lines or carves, it's the consequences of what had happen, just like life. I think it’s beautiful, I did not even dare to imagine the beauty of it if the error or wrong cuts didn’t occur. I feel the artwork are meant to be like that. --- There are some theme I interested with but the recent interest is a moment. Life can never be separated from the moment in their life, that inflict the feelings of an individual. What he feels from his reaction to the environment, them with the world. Emotions that surface from these reactions, emotions are very important. I pose the question, what has happened in my artwork, a separate event that is only visible in a single moment, a detached fragments of a whole story. As with life, we can only see from one point of view and only at certain moment. One point of view can tell one single story from the entire reality of what happened, the story could have been distorted by the observer. Characters in my work could be anyone. Everything is a reality that I want to show and what I feel . Are they okay or not. The ambiguity in fragments and emotions is what I want to show in my works . -- Contact me at repramana@gmail.com


  • Kajetan_Giziński

    Kajetan_Giziński 2012-09-25 15:06:58

    Thank You very much, I appreciate Your work too. Graphic art is my life and that\'s only beginning :D


  • Kyri

    Kyri 2013-05-29 19:12:31

    great artwork....

  • MonaOates

    MonaOates 2013-06-01 18:55:13

    hey Rizal. I wanted to tell you about clayboard. it is a hardwood panel with a special claycoating on it. it is absorbent and allows brilliant colours for watercolours but also ink work etc. it is interesting with its texture. also you can remove top layers of glazes if you do not like them. therefore it enables you to make new highlights in the paint, which watercolour usually does not allow.

  • custos

    custos 2013-06-03 10:17:39

    Mona, thanks for your explanation, such technical issues are interesting also for the others.