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Marcos Tedeschi, entitled “self-taught by choice”, since very early has shown particular interest in painting, having started by the age of 18 his contact with oil painting without any instruction. An arduous yet rewarding process, which gave him the freedom to work with canvas, in a first moment, in his own particular fashion. He then met, at the age of 19, his one and only teacher, Mestre Alzaga, with whom he began contact with theory and practice of traditional and academic methods of painting. During the same period, Marcos started teaching drawing to children, which intensified his contact with academicism in this period, on which he comments “I spent most of the time inside the academy”. Two years later, after the passing of his mentor, Marcos Tedeschi continued his studies, propelled by a kind of freedom that led him into what he calls “a compulsive change of procedures”, in which he, in the light of instructive freedom, used his acquired methodological knowledge precisely to its contravention, in a way which, for example, on the process of starting a new work, preparing the canvas to receive dark tonalities of oil paint, he finishes by panting it with acrylic paint, in a modern fashion, ending up nullifying all previous preparations. During the process of creating the images, states the artists, it is also common the occurrence of drastic modifications. His themes, however, are less volatile; loneliness, medicine, pornography, religion and the individual human attitude facing situations of rejection-acceptance are often recurrent in his work, since the beginning of his career until his most recent work. Facing such complex themes, his art, far from being a search for truth or understanding, seeks a way of rationalizing the existential confusion when facing these issues, and, inside them, expose these individuals to the truth that they are perishable – considering themselves special or not, even still, perishable – and, in this premise, this individual, facing himself with medicine - being able to prolong his life, without ever immortalizing him - and religion - that, on the other hand, immortalizes his life only after death. By that, this is the individual, confused and alone in his own existence, feeling humanly emotionally sick, that no longer need his gods or doctors, that is portrayed by the artist. On pornography as a theme of his work, Marcos looks to expose the freeing ideal that only it can conceive, and that in human beings only reaches liberation between four walls, and that by itself is a topic loaded with different concepts. “I want to be conformed and even-minded with asymmetry” says the artist on his work and life. “I want to rationalize the confusion and mistake, to comprehend and portray, unconcerned by the empty spaces next to 'a bunch of other things'”, he concludes.


  • al1n3

    al1n3 2012-12-29 14:42:00

    Soon I will put the measurements and prices on the paintings

  • al1n3

    al1n3 2012-12-29 15:01:43

    Has some pen sketches this site

  • custos

    custos 2013-01-02 00:19:23

    Your website is great and thanks also for the new discussion of your art. We nearly thought that the bookstore has absorbed you.

  • al1n3

    al1n3 2013-08-09 21:32:27

    Custos,thank you so much! With a important help of your site I'm showing some of my work in a great art books store in São Paulo!